Andrew Mcmanus
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Personal Information
Born 02/07/97
Gender Male
Hobbies Skiing, Snowboarding
Age 12
Birthday July 2
Affiliations Lake Wilcox Public School
Occupation Lake Wilcox Student
Hometown Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Residence Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Aunts, and Uncles
Food Interests
Least favourite

This is about a very cool kid in Lake Wilcox Public School that is very smart. He gets really good grades and is considered to be a pro athlete. He can, however be very inpatient in some cases that reflect on him a lot. He can get on the nerves of some people, like Madame Alberga, but is a good person. These are the things that he loves to say: "Life is RARE!!!!!!!" "STOP it!!!" "stop what?"


Andrew's personality is a very good type of personality. He is very nice to people of all sorts, like: Bonton, or even myself. He is a person, that always gives other people courage to do things. However, his personality changes sometimes. Like, he can be pretty annoying to some of the girls at our school. He sometimes gets the nerves up on some teachers, like Madame Alberga, and Madame Pele-Draper. But, overall, he is a very good person.


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