Molly Sweeney
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Personal Information
Born 20/02/97
Gender Female
Hobbies Snowboarding, Chatting
Age 13
Birthday February 20
Affiliations Lake Wilcox Public School
Occupation Lake Wilcox Student
Hometown Dublin, Ireland
Residence Richmondhill, Ontario, Canada
Aunts, and Uncles
Food Interests
Favourite Chocolate
Least favourite

What is the type of person with the cool Irish accent. What's the type of person that will help you when you are very upset, and wishes to make you fell a lot better. It's the one and only Molly Sweeney. This cheerful leprechun person will brighten your days. However, even though she is very nice. She has some downsides. She can forget very easily, and have difficulty doing her work. Mainly because she is unorganized. However, she is mainly very good. She is also known to have a accent. Including that she is a very good actor.

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